Time and change

So often we think of the time and what would happen if times changed.  When time brings about a change we are seldom, if ever, ready to receive the change(s) it brings.

December 15, 2012, we received a notice from the landlord that Jordan Crossing had been purchased by the city of Cincinnati and the Port Authority.  We learned that we had 6 weeks to move out.  Change showed up big time!  Now the search.  What should we do?  What should I do? CHANGE!


But as we reflected on our past, we acknowledged the ushering in of THIS new time.  It too is contentious and challenging.  Yet, however, as we search for personal damages the novelty of new time propelled us to choose to quickly move forward while our blame choice asked us to mark time.  These conflicting choices of courage compels us to rely on our best practices, acknowledgement of our principles, search for new possibilities, and guide ourselves onto pathways of new opportunities.


When change comes it often brings with it an immediate urge to seek personal protection or want for an unearned advantage.  Regardless. we know consequence has its' own circle.  Moreover, the circumference of all consequences is based on the diameter of  our perceived choices, relative to time.  Then there are choices based on the strength of the heart.  The later is when measurement based on allotted time enables us to look change in the eye and boldly state our choice.


The summary  of choices past v. new is four to one in favor of new over past.  Peace! Forward!, Sir.

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