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Subtitle: A Strange Hair Love Affair

One day while working my butt off for the Post Office I happened to look up to see those little peep holes they have near the ceiling of each floor in the U.S. POST OFFICE.

I became so damn angry gazing up at those tiny little holes that I made a determined decision to quite the job that day. I decided I wanted to have Freedom from Observation on the job. It was like I was on a plantation or in a jailhouse. I said to myself I want FREEDOM TO DO MY OWN THING!

Making that decision created two strains of thought too. One was the joy of setting myself in the mind frame to become free and independent of a boss. The second was the fear of the possibility of failure. Torn between two strong emotions, I knew I had to work harder for myself than I had for Massa, and the US NAVY.

That night coming home to my little loving family, I felt even more uncertain. You see I made this decision on my own without the consent or agreement of my wife or any other family members. After all how were the three children going to eat. How were the bills to be paid? What about their needs and not just mine?

Well, I remembered an old saying I got from my elders that said “the Lord will make a way out of no way”. That little mantra strengthened me to go up into our apartment with a big smile on my face and joy in my heart while I told my family that we were on our way to freedom and independence.

If you could have seen the expressions on the faces of my family when I broke the news. That very night we sat at the dinner table ate our luxury meal, meatloaf and greens and potato salad. We were already free and independent and nobody needed to tell us it was or was not true because it was in our bones. It was something we knew we could stand on and go all-out to see to the end.

You know love just kind of slips up on you,. You think you are just going to the corner store, and pick up a loaf of bread, but then on the way your eyeballs be tracking and get stopped by a unique proposition in the form of a statuesque member of the opposite sex. Wow, how dramatically fast do ideas and events change once you have a good look at a unique package of natural art.

At first you shy away and try to appear as if you do not notice not one thing. You sneak around events and places to find out more about it. You want to know it’s habits, it’s likes, it’s favorite things, the songs and music and plays and dances it likes. What are their favorite dress style and makeup, Hairdo and nails. Everything you can find out about them is now a priority in your life. You see the love bug bites you and nothing is going to change that feeling except the one who gave you the bug in the first place.

You see I thank the same creator of the heavens and earth for the unique proposition in the form of a statuesque member of the opposite sex, Because that special one for me happened to be the answer to the fear part of the dual experience from my decision to quit my job and go for self.

Going for self for me was what you may be faced with today,. For me the answer was Poro School of Beauty Art. On Linn Street in the West End of Cincinnati,.

18 months go by and my love affair has deepened to the point where I want to try on “the Big Apple”. Yes, NY, NY! You got it the place that is so bad they had to name it twice. NYC, NY.

So, you have to know that when that week came where I earned so much money in Cleaver Mae’s Beauty Salon, (where I went to work out of school, right there on Burnet Avenue in Avondale), that I jumped without delay on a train and rode into the City of bright lights all opened eyed and full of expectation. And sure enough just like in a fairy tale I got so good at that work a national magazine, Beauty Trade, agreed to place a photos and a feature of my visual renderings in hair design on the cover of their magazine.

That experience just grew my pockets like the mumps. Each day I rode the train I was busy looking on the human canvasses made by the creator expressed in the voluptuous figures, exquisite features, and unique propositions of all of those people on the train too. It was school without walls.

After nearly a year, I came home and the rest is history. Love of hair can take you to far off places and make you realize large dreams.

Do you want to experience freedom and independence and let the world see how you can love it and it’s creation?

If you believe what you have read to be true and good for you let the world see your unique proposition as it shines in this universe.

write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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